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Mattel brings its strong brand lineup to the 2017 China Licensing Exhibition
Date: 2017-10-28

Mattel brings its strong brand lineup to the 2017 China Licensing Exhibition


The three-day 2017 China International Brand Licensing Exhibition ended in Shanghai. At this event, Mattel made a gorgeous appearance with a super lineup and won a lot with its powerful strength. Now let us review Mattel in The "playing" moment at this industry event!


        Mattel brings its super-strong brand lineup to China International Brand Licensing Exhibition

        Six major super brands debut

         In this licensing exhibition, Mattel brought six evergreen brands-Barbie who inspires girls "you are infinite possibilities", Thomas & friends who are "good partners on the road to growth", Fisher who focuses on talent growth, and encourages "bold The hot wheels of "Forward", Babu engineers who cultivated hands-on ability and competitive consciousness with "building hands-on, teamwork, positive optimism, problem solving" as the core, and produced by Youyang Animation Culture Media, Mattel Local IP of global business partners-Beastmaster. It is worth mentioning that the new brand Babu engineers and Beast King are fighting for the first time at the China Licensing Exhibition.


       Babu engineer area


    Beastmaster Zone

         360 ° Carefully accompany the growth of children

         Mattel has always been committed to guiding children's learning, development and play, and inspiring the next generation of children to create a better future. Over the years, Mattel and many authorized partners have joined forces to create a variety of brand new and meaningful brand experiences for consumers of different ages and different needs, with a 360-degree life scene to accompany and care for the growth of children.

         This year, Barbie and Johnson & Johnson launched the Johnson & Johnson Barbie shampoo specially designed for girls; Fisher and Chinese professional underwear manufacturer Three Shots reached a strategic cooperation to expand the field of baby clothes; Thomas & Friends and Bright Dairy have been since 2016 Cooperation launched a special package of children's yogurt to accompany the healthy growth of children. There are more Thomas stage plays and Thomas movies on the line in the country, inviting children to travel to Thomas for friendship.


    Fisher area


       Thomas & Friends area

         Barbie wins another award

         On October 19th, at the CLE authorized night party hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, the CLE2017 Popularity IP Award was officially announced. After being selected by the majority of consumers and experts in the toy and baby industry, Barbie won CLE2017 popularity in one fell swoop. The IP award ranks among the most popular authorized IP images.

     Barbie-you are infinite possibilities

         Although the licensing exhibition has come to an end, the excitement that Mattel brings to everyone continues.

         The 12th CLE China Licensing Exhibition

         Shanghai, October 16-18,

         See you in 2018!

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