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Mattel pushes the world's first smart baby monitor
Date: 2017-01-05

Mattel launches a smart baby monitor, what's so special about it? It looks beautiful, but I do n’t know how it works ...

This week, Mattel announced that it had made "the world's first intelligent baby monitor."

The main functions of various baby monitors on the market today are similar: remotely monitor the child's condition through video and sound; provide a remote call function for parents to comfort the child; detect data such as body temperature, breathing frequency, etc., and promptly remind when there is a problem Parents. Some may also play music to improve sleep and other functions, but in general these monitors are still used to help parents take care of children remotely.


The Mattel launched Aristotle (Aristotle), looking at its pictures, you may think of Amazon's Echo, just an additional high-definition camera. In fact, their functions are quite similar, but Aristotle's main target audience is children.

 According to Mattel, Aristotle has a female voice like a kindergarten teacher at the age of 25. She will give children a bedtime story, teach children words, turn on night lights, play games with children, and remind parents to run out of diapers soon. This smart monitor uses a Qualcomm processor and a system developed by Microsoft, which enables Aristotle to collect various data with parental permission and upload it to the cloud, responding accordingly to the baby ’s needs.

Mattel even gave Aristotle a very strange identity-a descendant of Aristotle after a long time, she will tell users: "My life goal is to assist comfort, entertainment, education, and learn from you . "

For Mattel, Aristotle is more than just a monitor. Like Echo, Aristotle is also open to third parties, which means that Mattel can put its own products into Aristotle's system, and their partners can also use this to strengthen cooperation. The simplest example may be that Aristotle observes the needs of users, recommends Mattel-owned toys to users, and then places orders at Toys R Us through Aristotle.

Although sales of Barbie dolls, American Girls and other products have increased, Mattel has been looking for ways to sell some high-tech toys, such as artificial intelligence Barbie dolls. The Aristotle development department, Nabi, is the children's tablet manufacturer that Mattel acquired last year for $ 21.5 million.

Aristotle will be released this summer, priced at 300 US dollars. However, it is doubtful how these beautiful ideas that Mattel said can be realized.

Just in the past Christmas, Mattel's newly launched voice-controlled toy The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse had a technical problem. Mattel advertises that when you connect your phone and open the app, you can use sound to control various devices in this mini cabin, such as voice-activated switch lights. However, after many parents bought The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, they found it impossible to realize these interactions.

By contrast, artificial intelligence is a more complex technology. If you have tried to talk to various artificial intelligence on the market, you probably have experienced the moment when you can't talk to them. Obviously, letting artificial intelligence communicate with infants whose mental and language skills are not mature is not a simple matter.

In addition, although Mattel said that Aristotle's built-in encryption system can ensure the safety of data, not all parents can accept that the child's every move is recorded. Moreover, this kind of commitment is not necessarily reassuring. In September last year, Mattel was found to have collected information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. They were fined by New York for this violation of the Children ’s Online Privacy Act.

Actually, Mattel is not so confident. Fujioka also said that they are involved in a completely new field. "To be honest, we don't know. If we succeed, the child will form a certain emotional connection with this (Aristotle). I hope it will be the correct form of emotional connection."

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