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Code of Conduct

Our Values

At FirstUnion, we recognize the importance of respecting our employees by respecting and protecting their rights. It is our duty to observe the labor law.


Our Mission

We perform our social responsibility by providing our employees with stable jobs that offer well-balanced compensation and benefits.


Our Strategy

Besides respecting workers’rights in compliance with labor laws, we arrange regular training sessions for effective fire prevention, first aid, and industrial safety. All employees are treated equally and fairly with above-average benefits.


Our System

To ensure that our performance meets the highest standard of the COC, we have established a professional corporate compliance team to oversee compliance activities at our manufacturing facilities. The ICTI Ethical Toy Program serves as a benchmarking tool, and all of FirstUnion’s manufacturing facilities have obtained and maintained the ICTI certification since the beginning of 2006.

Employee Care

To improve our employees’sense of belonging, FirstUnion has regularly organized birthday parties and parent-child bonding activities for our employees.


Charitable Donation

As an active contributor to charity, FirstUnion has also participated in multiple charity activities, including fundraising events at Jin Ri Guan Shi (transliterated as Dongguan Today) and through the Dragon Boat Racing.

Team building

To improve the employee welfare benefits, we arrange study outings for our employees, allowing our employees to enjoy fun travels. In addition to improving themselves and deepening research in different environments, our employees can achieve physical and mental fitness to ensure efficient work performance. Therefore, FirstUnion regularly organizes travel activities for our employees.

Talent Selection

FirstUnion believes a superb corporate culture represents a core strength of an enterprise, and therefore has been adhering to the talent philosophy where a virtuous person without ability can be cultivated, a talent without virtue will not assume key positions, a virtuous and able person must be appreciated, and those without virtue or ability shall be removed. Our talent selection focuses on the four aspects as follows:

Proper selection: the right candidate, if selected, is the best asset for business development.

Regular employee training: to improve the quality of talents, a talent hierarchy shall be established.

Fair employment: employment using scientific methods can unleash to the full potential of an employee.

Talent retention: an effective incentive mechanism will retain core talents.

By systematically analyzing practical methods and tools of human resource effectiveness, these aspects help us understand the tasks of human resource management, master human resource skills, and retain core talents. 

Performance assessment over management personnel:

1.Job responsibility: corporate interests are the top priority;

2.Team spirit: team spirit is paramount;

3.Work results: keeping one step ahead at work is encouraged;

4.Work skills: a plan, target, and schedule is set at work;

5.Communication skills: effective communication removes all barriers; and

6.Ambition at work: aggressive and open-minded employees are always encouraged.

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Guangdong Firstunion Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

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