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Research and Development

As a core player in product research and development, the Engineering Department of FirstUnion has an engineering development team specialized and experienced in automation design and manufacturing, electronics, and plastic toy engineering, which is comprised of structural engineers, product development engineers, electronics engineers, graphic designers, product improvement engineers and other professionals. Our ongoing product innovation is based on professional structure designs and development concepts, which will cover from the design and structure of products to the improvement in electronic functions. With electronics perfectly integrated into product structures, we achieve the implementation of customer solutions to ensure the perfect product functionality in line with international safety standards. Besides committing ourselves to excellent engineering services in such areas as product development, cost control, jig manufacturing, process optimization, product verification, and toy safety, we strive to provide a competitive advantage over other manufacturers in engineering development.

Key Engineering Services

  • Conception or rendering phase

    According to product definitions, specifications, and requirements provided by our customers, the Engineering Department will carry out analysis and assessment or manual work to verify the feasibility of design concepts. Upon approval of a verified design concept, the detailed engineering procedures will be performed, and cost optimization and process improvement during function development are also included in the whole design process.

  • 2D/3D/vector processing and other software applications

    To facilitate design processes, the Engineering Department analyzes and applies product structures using 2D drawing, 3D analysis and modification, and data export. Furthermore, vector processing is used to make color arrangements, as well as to form and develop sophisticated patterns, before products are put into production.

  • Product verification and field engineering support

    The Engineering Department plays an important role in assisting our clients to address structural and functional verifications, as multiple solutions will be provided together with discussions over the feasibility and practicality of such solutions with our clients. Our development capabilities not only facilitate creative research and development of new products but also ensure smooth production.

  • Cost control over product development 

    During product design and development, the Engineering Department is in relentless pursuit of excellence as our innovation philosophy, which enables us to safeguard product functionality and international safety standards for toy products at lower costs under the lean production model.

Manufacturing process
Our workshops
Quality Control


FirstUnion has always maintained the ISO 9001:2015 standard as our quality system benchmark. Our quality control engineers will conduct comprehensive inspection, testing, and process control, before warehousing incoming materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

Our chemistry laboratory

1.FirstUnion obtained the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and CNAS accreditation standards in 2011;

2.The contents of heavy metals are measured by the inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES);    

3.The content of phthalate in plasticizers is detected by the gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS).



Our physics laboratory

According to the CNAS-CL01“Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibration Laboratory Competence”based on the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, the China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment has recognized the competence of our physics laboratory in testing mechanical and physical performances.

TTF testing

Abuse testing

Electronics laboratory

All toys are subject to a comprehensive assessment in accordance with the EN IEC 62115:2020“Electric toys – Safety”.

Enterprise Management

Information Management System

In 2003, the Group adopted the ERP system for business data management and collection. In line with the sustainability of the Company amid our ongoing business expansion, our ERP system was successfully upgraded to the SAP S/4HANA in 2018, which covers seven modules including sales and distribution, production planning, materials management, quality control, warehouse management, financial accounting, and management  accounting. This upgrade gradually realizes the following areas for the Group:

1、Financial and capital management are placed as the center;

2、Comprehensive budgetary management and risk control serve as the main line; and

3、Capital flow, information flow, workflow, and control flow are highly unified.


Our Kanban system

In 2019, the Group started to consider data from work reports and working hours under the SAP and HR systems, which is collected and processed by our Kanban system to generate real-time production efficiency of workshop units for displaying on the large screen of each workshop in real time. This has achieved effective supervision and enhanced production efficiency.

To ensure smooth production, we developed a SAP Kanban system for distributing raw materials according to the daily production plan maintained by the Preventative Maintenance Compliance (PMC) in 2020. This system enables warehouse workers to prepare materials according to the plan in advance by understanding the materials demands of work orders at each production workshop, so that such demands are met in production workshops to ensure smooth production.


Lean 7S methodology

The Group has practiced the lean 7S methodology since 2022 to achieve the following three objectives:

  1. Inventory reduction: the SAP system controls incoming materials based on inventory targets and clears inventories regularly;

  2. Visual management: products are sorted, set in order, and labelled; and

  3. Excess production prevention (based on work orders): each process ensures accurate materials preparation and feeding for production, while the assembly process will control the quantity of unfinished parts and finished products in key processes.

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